[Da-iCE (Dice)]

Da-iCE is a 5-person dance & vocal group with four-octave twin vocals.
The 5-member group is made up of vocalists Yudai Ohno and Sota Hanamura and performers Taiki Kudo, Toru Iwaoka, Hayate Wada.

Formed in 2011, the group started out at a small club in Shibuya and made its major debut in 2014. 
In 2015, they won the 29th JAPAN GOLD DISC AWARD's "Best 5 New Artist Award."
In January 2017, the group successfully performed at the Nippon Budokan, which had been a long-time dream of the members. In 2019, the group released their first best album, "Da-iCE BEST," which included the song "FAKE ME FAKE ME OUT" provided by Official HIGE DANdism's Satoshi Fujiwara. In January 2020, the group held two days of arena performances at the Yoyogi 1st Gymnasium, attracting 20,000 fans.

That August, they began focusing on "entertainment for all five senses," releasing new tracks for six months straight that let listeners experience music with their five senses. "DREAMIN' ON" was the first single in this series and was used as the theme song for the popular anime "ONE PIECE." The third single in this series, "CITRUS," was chosen as the theme song for Nippon Television's Sunday drama "The Way of the Househusband." 

The tracks released over this six-month period were compiled onto the group's original album "SiX," which came out on January 20, 2021.

They started their first nationwide arena tour "Da-iCE ARENA TOUR 2021 -SiX-" in June 2021.

The group name "Da-iCE" was created by combining the words "DANCE" and "DICE." The 5 group members (5 sides) combined with their fans form a 6-sided "Da-iCE," and the "a-i" (Japanese for "love") written in lowercase letters expresses the group's desire to possess love as artists.

  • Taiki Kudo (工藤大輝)
  • Toru Iwaoka (岩岡徹)
  • Yudai Ohno (大野雄大)
  • Sota Hanamura (花村想太)
  • Hayate Wada (和田颯)