• Taiki Kudo (工藤大輝)

    Date of Birth: June 28, 1987
    Birthplace: Hokkaido Blood type: Type B

    performer and leader. As a writer, he also writes lyrics and composes, and provides many songs to Da-iCE and other artists.
    He is highly sensitive to music, culture, and fashion, and has a deep knowledge of idols and anime.
    Won the 63rd The Japan Record Award for the song "CITRUS" that he wrote.
    "Star Mine", which he wrote and composed, won the "64th The Japan Record Award Excellent Work Award".

    [Main activities] ★ 2016-2017 "Idol's Music Theory with Taiki Kudo" serialized
    ★ 2017 Solo Photobook "-Kyokkou- "
    ★ 2019 Solo Photobook "-Suisei- "
    ★ 2020 Solo Photobook "-Encounter-"
    ★ 2021 original apparel brand "ITEM"

    [Regular] ★ TBS Radio "TALK ABOUT" every Saturday 22:00-23:30
    ★ AbemaTV “Koi Suru♥Weekend Home Stay” every Tuesday 22:00-23:00
    ★ “Taiki and Kazuhiro”

    [Music provided] ★ Nissy (AAA / Takahiro Nishijima) “Happening” [Lyrics and composition]
    ★ Nissy (AAA / Takahiro Nishijima) “Double Trouble” [Lyrics and composition]
    ★ TENSAI-BONJIN“ Placebo” [Lyrics and composition]
    ★ WASUTA“ Tapioca milk tea” [Composition] *Co-produced
    ★ WASUTA “Gurutre” [Composition] *Co-production
    ★ kolme “Repeat” [Lyrics and composition]
    ★ GENIC “SUN COMES UP” [Lyrics and composition]
    ★ Lilac “Hello ~2020~” [Lyrics and composition]
    ★ Lilac “telepathy” [Lyrics and composition]
    ★ Lilac “Yokubari” [Lyrics and composition]
    ★ FlowBack “Dramatic Lover” [Lyrics and composition]
    ★ MISS MERCY “Cinderella” [Lyrics and composition]
    ★ Misako Uno “Orange” [Composition]
    ★ GENIC “TALK” [Lyrics and composition] *Co-production

    [Influenced artist] Hikaru Utada

    [Hobbies] Idols, anime, fashion

    X: @Da_iCE_TAIKI
    Instagram: da_ice_taiki
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  • Taiki Kudo (工藤大輝)
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