• Hayate Wada (和田颯)

    Date of birth: February 3, 1994
    Birthplace: Gunma Blood type: Type O

    performer. Although he is the youngest member of the group, he has the longest dance history, and uses his dance skills to perform at events as Hayate(Da-iCE). He is active in multiple fields such as performer, acting, modeling, apparel industry, and radio personality.
    [Main activity history] ★ 2020 1st solo photo book “25”
    ★ 2020 MBS Drama Special Zone “In-house Marriage Honey” as Kazuya Matsushita
    ★ 2022 Original apparel brand “how”
    ★ 2023 2nd solo photo book “28”
    【regular】★ FM GUNMA "Da-iCE Hayate Wada's HayaRadi" Every Thursday 20:00-20:30

    [Pet] Cats (Maine Coon/Ciel, Bengal/Eto)

    X: @Da_iCE_HAYATE
    Instagram: da_ice_hayate_wada
    TikTok: @hayate_w
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  • Hayate Wada (和田颯)
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