• 2024.06.28 [Fri]

TOKYO FM / JFN 9 stations network "Da-iCE 's Yudai Ohno! supported by BOAT RACE" (Yudai)

Yudai Ohno will be hosting his first regular solo radio show, "Da-iCE 's Yudai Ohno! supported by BOAT RACE," which will begin airing every Friday from 7:30 p.m. on TOKYO FM (JFN 9 station network)!

In addition to talking about his work, he will also talk about his hobbies such as cooking and fishing, what he's thinking about at the moment, and sometimes even invite guests to bring you the full-on Yudai Ohno world of chat.

Be sure to tune in to this new 25-minute radio program where you can get to know the real Yudai Ohno!

<Program Overview>
■ Program name
TOKYO FM (JFN 9 stations network)
"Da-iCE 's Yudai Ohno! supported by BOAT RACE"

■ Broadcast date and time
Every Friday from 19:30 to 19:55

■ Broadcast times for each station
AIR-G' FM Hokkaido: (Sat) 20:30-20:55
FM Aomori: (Fri) 19:30-19:55
FM Iwate: (Tue) 21:30-21:55
FM Akita: (Fri) 21:30-21:55
Fukushima FM: (Sun) 9:30-9:55
FM Yamagata: (Thurs) 21:30-21:55
Date fm Sendai: (Fri) 20:30-20:55
TOKYO FM: (Fri) 19:30-19:55
FM Okinawa: (Wed) 21:00-21:25

■ Cast
Yudai Ohno (Da-iCE)

■ Provided
BOAT RACE Promotion Association

■Official website

■ Official X

▽ Yudai Ohno X

▽ Yudai Ohno Instagram
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