• 2024.03.20 [Wed]
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Nippon Television“ Da-iCE Lab” #7

Da-iCE 's second terrestrial crown program, the music variety show "Da-iCE Lab", is now on air!
We welcome and send various guests every time!
Broadcast on Nippon Television every Wednesday from 24:59 midnight!
Please look forward to the broadcast!
< Da-iCE Lab Overview>
■Program name
"Da-iCE Lab"
Nippon Television
■Broadcast date and time
Every Wednesday 24:59-25:29
*Catch-up streaming available on Hulu, TV er, and NTV TADA
Da-iCE (Taiki Kudo, Toru Iwaoka, Yudai Ohno, Sota Hanamura, Hayate Wada)

■ 7th Guest
Akira Nakagawa
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