• 2022.03.23 [Wed]
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Nippon Television" Da-iCE music Lab"

Broadcasting of the music variety "Da-iCE music Lab", which will be Da-iCE 's first terrestrial broadcasting program, has started!

Each program welcomes a leading music genre as a guest, and five people learn about music in every detail through "deep talk" and "performance"!

Furthermore, a special collaboration stage with luxurious guests, which can only be seen on this program, has been realized!

The facilitators will be EXIT, who was with us in the collaboration song "I got it get it feat.Da-iCE" released in 2020!

While learning the charm of Japanese music from various angles with the viewers, we will deliver a new side of Da-iCE through the program!

The memorable Da-iCE 's first terrestrial broadcasting program "Da-iCE music Lab"
Please look forward to the broadcast!

<Overview Da-iCE music Lab>
Nippon Television

[5th broadcast]
Date and time: Wednesday, March 23, 24: 59-25: 29
Guest: Subaru Kimura

[Missed delivery]
Starts distribution after each episode of Nippon Television OA on Hulu, TV er, and Nittele TADA

EXIT (Rintaro., Daiki Kanechika)
Da-iCE (Taiki Kudo, Toru Iwaoka, Yudai Ohno, Sota Hanamura, Hayate Hayate Wada)

Produced by: Masato Nanba
Planning: Hiroyuki Ueno
Directed by Kiyotaka Tokunaga and Tetsuya Hagiwara
Producers: Hirokazu Umezawa, Hiroshi Fujimoto, Tasei Masuno
Production cooperation: God Kids
Production work: Nippon Television

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