The online store "Da-iCE POPUP STORE" is opening up!

Online store “Da-iCE POPUP STORE” is open!

“Da-iCE Da-iCE ARENA TOUR 2023 -SCENE-” venue, will open as an online store!

Store opens from 18:00 on Thursday, January 11, 2024!

The online store "Da-iCE POPUP STORE" carries a variety of items, including Da-iCE collaboration items and apparel and lifestyle brands whose members are directors! You can enjoy shopping from a rich lineup in one store!
In the future, we plan to gradually expand the lineup, including attractive collaboration items! Please enjoy it!
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*We will open at 18:00 on Thursday, January 11, 2024.

■Pickup products
To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Da-iCE major debut, a collaboration item between Medicom Toy's bear-shaped block type figure BE@RBRICK and Da-iCE is now available!
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Da-iCE Lululun
The face mask brand “LuLuLun” and Da-iCE ’s collaboration face mask “Da-iCE LuLuLun (citrus scent)”, which was very popular at the Da-iCE ARENA TOUR 2023 -SCENE-” venue sales, is now available online Available for purchase in store!
For those who purchase one or more “Da-iCE Lululun” items, you will receive one [original postcard]!

■Brands and products handled
Da-iCE BE@RBRICK, Da-iCE Lululun, Daily
We have a variety of products available, so please take advantage of this opportunity.
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