“Da-iCE 10th Anniversary Live House Tour 2024” will be held!

“Da-iCE 10th Anniversary Live House Tour 2024” will be held!

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Da-iCE 's major debut, "Da-iCE 10th Anniversary Live House Tour 2024" will be held!

The 10th anniversary tour will include 10 performances at all Zepp venues nationwide, starting with O-EAST in Shibuya, the venue of Da-iCE first tour final. Please enjoy the anniversary tour at the venue!

■Performance schedule (opening time/starting time)
Thursday, July 4, 2024 [Tokyo] Spotify O-EAST 18:00/19:00 * SOL D OUT!
Thursday, July 11, 2024 [Tokyo] Zepp Shinjuku(TOKYO) 18:00/19:00 * SOL D OUT!
Wednesday, July 24, 2024 [Tokyo] Zepp DiverCity (TOKYO) 18:00/19:00 * SOL D OUT!
Saturday, July 27, 2024 [Hokkaido] Zepp Sapporo 17:00/18:00 * SOL D OUT!
Friday, August 9, 2024 [Kanagawa] KT Zepp Yokohama 18:00/19:00 * SOL D OUT!
Monday, August 12, 2024 [Osaka] Zepp Namba (OSAKA) 17:00/18:00 * SOL D OUT!
Friday, August 16, 2024 [Tokyo] Zepp Haneda (TOKYO) 18:00/19:00 * SOL D OUT!
Saturday, August 24, 2024 [Aichi] Zepp Nagoya 17:00/18:00 * SOL D OUT!
Sunday, August 25, 2024 [Osaka] Zepp Osaka Bayside 17:00/18:00 * SOL D OUT!
Friday, August 30, 2024 [Fukuoka] Zepp Fukuoka 18:00/19:00 * SOL D OUT!

■Ticket price
[1F Standing] ¥11,500- (tax included)

*1F standing will be entered in order of serial number.
*A separate drink fee is required at the time of admission.
*Up to 4 tickets can be purchased per application (subject to change depending on reception)

■About age restrictions
1F standing/2F rear standing: Tickets required for ages 3 and older. Children under 3 years old are not allowed to enter.

■Notes regarding tickets
*AI advance 1F standing, AI advance 2F standing, 2F rear standing, AI advance 2F reserved seats, and 2F reserved seats are not available.
*Tickets required for ages 3 and older. Children under 3 years old are not allowed to enter.
*Tickets for this performance will be available on the smartphone app “AnyPASS” (electronic ticket).

■Ticket advance information
*Reception will be on a first-come, first-served basis.
*Please check the application site for seat types eligible for reception.

[Special first come first served] *First come first served
February 17, 2024 (Sat) 15:00~ *Sales will end as soon as the planned number of tickets is reached.

[Number of tickets available for application]
You can purchase up to 4 tickets per application.
*Items may change depending on reception.

■How to receive tickets
*This performance will be a digital ticket.
*A smartphone compatible with the smartphone app "AnyPASS" is required to receive tickets and enter on the day of the performance.
[If using an iPhone] App Store

[If using Android] Google Play

*Tickets can only be received by the device with the mobile phone number registered in the mobile phone number (AnyPASS ticketing) field of customer information at the time of application.
(Ticket information is linked to the mobile phone number at the time of purchase.)
Tickets cannot be received on devices with other mobile phone numbers, so please do not change or cancel your mobile phone number until the performance date.
*There is no problem with changing models with the same phone number. However, after ticketing (after adding an event), you will need to complete the transfer procedure using the AnyPASS app.
*Please be sure to enter the mobile phone number of your smartphone on the day of the performance.
*For this performance, each person will need to bring one ticket to enter, so please use AnyPASS to distribute tickets to your companions.
Please note that the applicant's tickets cannot be distributed or transferred to other people.
When your companions receive their tickets, they will also need to download and register for AnyPASS (free of charge).
When applying, please be sure to check that all participants in this performance have a smartphone equipped with the following compatible OS and capable of SMS authentication.
*If you arrive with undistributed tickets, it may take some time to enter.
Please be sure to allocate tickets, register your companions with AnyPASS, and receive tickets before your visit.
*Only if the person accompanying you is a minor and does not have a compatible smartphone, you will be asked to present your ID and provide information such as your name and contact information on the day of the performance before entering the venue. . Entrance will be allowed only after the applicant and all accompanying persons are present. If you do not present your ID, or if you are not a minor, you may not be able to enter. Please note.
*If you purchase tickets for performances on the same date and time multiple times under the same name and with the same mobile phone number, each ticket will remain for each purchaser. Remaining tickets can only be used by the purchaser.
Please note that other people cannot use or enter the venue.

■Supported OS
iPhone: iOS14 or later
Android: Android 9.0 or later (*excluding some models)

[About prohibition of resale]
Tickets purchased at this reception desk may not be resold to a third party for any reason.
Also, providing it to a third party for resale is prohibited.
If it is discovered that a ticket purchased at this reception is being resold or attempting to resell (including listing on internet auctions, etc.), the ticket may be invalidated.

■Inquiries regarding ticket applications
·Inquiry form
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