Delivery limited "Dance Dance"

"Theatrical version Kamen Rider Revice Battle Familia" theme song
Da-iCE feat. Subaru Kimura 2nd "Dance Dance" released!

Da-iCE feat. Subaru Kimura has been selected as the theme song artist for "Kamen Rider Revice Battle Familia", which will be released nationwide on July 22nd (Friday).

Following the theme song "liveDevil" of "Kamen Rider Revice" being broadcast on TV Asahi from 9 am every Sunday, Da-iCE feat. Akira Kimura's second song "Dance Dance"

Sota Hanamura is in charge of writing and composing.

<Work information>
Title: "Theatrical Version Kamen Rider Revice Battle Familia / Avataro Sentai Don Brothers THE MOVIE New Hatsukoi Hero"
Release date: July 22 (Friday) National release

Official HP: https://www.revice-donbro-22movie.com/
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/toeiHERO_movie?s=20&t=4hU3JceYnC3LmMcaUHrFuw

<Theme song Music information>
"Dance Dance"
Da-iCE feat. Subaru Kimura

Lyrics: Sota Hanamura / MEG.ME
Composer: Sota Hanamura / MEG.ME / Louis / PRIMAGIC
Arrangement: MEG.ME / Louis / PRIMAGIC

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    Delivery limited "Dance Dance"

    • 2022.07.22
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