Must-listen for "Parley Pee Po" nationwide!
4.6 million total MIX CD sales! DJ KAORI, which boasts the world's No. 1 sales, has completed the seventh series of the hit series “JMIX”, which marks the 15th anniversary of its memorable debut! A non-stop mix of Age Age Rinori that understands the "now" of J-POP!

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CD single
  • CD single

  • CD single


    • 2015.12.16
    • UMCK-1524
    • ¥ 3,080 (tax included)


    • 01. Sandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE / ORION
    • 02. [Alexandros] / Wataridori
    • 03. DOBERMAN INFINITY / Map of only two people
    • 04. CAPSULE / Hero
    • 05. Wednesday Campanella / Ra
    • 06. MINMI / Hologram
    • 07. CTS / Love the past, Play the future
    • 08. EXILE / No Limit
    • 09. JUJU / Heart Beat
    • 10. Ringo Sheena / Long and short festival
    • 11. RIP SLYME / SLY
    • 12. Happiness / Holiday
    • 13. m-flo / Butterfly
    • 14. Rei Yasuda / Brand New Day
    • 15. Da-iCE / BILLION DREAMS
    • 16. SHINee / Your Number
    • 17. SPICY CHOCOLATE / Zutto feat. HAN-KUN & TEE (CM ver.)
    • 19. MACO / LOVE
    • 20. E-Girls / Follow Me
    • 21. CROSS GENE / Love & Peace
    • 22. Che'Nelle / Happiness
    • 23. Daichi Miura / SING OUT LOUD
    • 24. AAA / I'll be there
    • 25. AOA / Munekyun
    • 26. INFINITE / Nothing's Over
  • CD single

*DJ KAORI profile
While traveling alone to New York, he was spotted by the local No. 1 Hip Hop DJ, Funk Master Flex, playing in the club, and was welcomed as the only female DJ by the DJ group Big Dawg Pitbulls he led. After that, he became one of the NY Times's first pages, performed the first Japanese DJ performance on New York's No. 1 radio station Hot 97, and became known in NY. I had a regular book. In addition to the artists such as Mariah Carey and P. Diddy, and even outside the music world, it will receive party DJ offers from super celebrities such as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Mike Tyson.
The MIX CDs released so far have exceeded the total sales figure of 4.6 million. In addition, "RAGGA MIX" and "INMIX DVD" released in 2008 won the Gold Disc Award in two categories. In addition to mix CDs, he worked on remixes of DOUBLE, Namie Amuro, etc., and produced music mainly with May J. 's hit single <Garden feat. DJ KAORI, Diggy-MO', Clench & Blista>. Also one side as a smash hit producer has blossomed. As a singer himself, DJ KAORI&DOUBLE "Miss DJ" (2007), DJ KAORI with JAY'ED "You're The Only One" (2008), "S・A・Y・O・N/A/R/A" (2009) has been released.
Besides DJ, he served as a regular navigator (American Idol) regular navigator with the No. 1 audience rating in the United States (FOX International Channels popular broadcast), music selection of drama program (Fuji Television Network drama "Chance!-Why she succeeded-"), etc., and from April 2011, Fuji Television Network series "Kiran! He played an active part as the main MC of "Music Ranking-EIGHT-" The fashion sense and lifestyle have become the target of women all over the country.

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